Pelvic health & physiotherapy.

Where it begins.

It starts with a bespoke consultation, the focus is to listen, assess and establish an in-depth evidence-based treatment plan using various diagnostic and integrative therapies techniques. The main focus is you, your pelvic health and your emotional well-being.

Treatments may include talking therapy, mobilisation and release work, alongside a progressive exercise and breath program focusing on your presentation and tailored to your pelvic health goals.

Marta has a passion for postnatal women, caesarean sections and women that are presenting with sexual pain and dysfunction.

Virtual and in-person appointments


Early postnatal care (0-6 weeks)

6 weeks post-natal check - MOT

C-section and scar care

Strength and exercise


You may have pain with intercourse or find it overwhelming. Pelvic physiotherapy can help through a combination of techniques including talking and manual therapy. Putting your pelvic health needs first in a safe and comfortable environment.


An evidence-based approach for every woman to feel empowered and return to feeling like themselves both physically and mentally as enjoy their new chapter in life.


Marta has been helping me for many years and I can’t recommend her more highly. Her knowledge, professionalism and quality of care are unequalled.


“Marta is amazing

I had never heard of this type of treatment before and I cannot understand why! All women should get checked by her!”


A space for all women’s pelvic health needs


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