Pelvic health & rehabilitation Physiotherapist

BSc Phsyiotherapy

Born to Irish and Spanish parents, Marta studied physiotherapy in Dublin and Manchester. She started her physiotherapy career within the NHS in Manchester, completing her NHS rotations before moving into a sports-focused clinic treating an array of injuries and conditions, as well as working with professional rugby teams. However, it was in London in 2014 that Marta discovered her passion for women’s health and post-natal care.  She credits her years as a muscular-skeletal physiotherapist using strength and conditioning including using Pilates for rehabilitation helped to establish her understanding of the interconnectedness of the body.

Marta has worked in Parsons Green, Mayfair, Marylebone, Belgravia and Kensington. Her extensive experience has exposed her to patients with complex presentations over the years which has allowed her to create a solution for patients to rebuild and recover using her pelvic health and exercise rehabilitation skillset.

Marta has dedicated a vast amount of her time to learning and training from leading researchers in pelvic health. She is dedicated to her ongoing learning and development so she can maintain an exceptional understanding of the mental and physical connectedness of the body, and their impact on women’s health.

Her clinical caseload in London covers a broad spectrum of pelvic health conditions and she has a special interest in pelvic floor dysfunction and post-natal vaginal and c-section scar recovery for mothers. A keen sportswoman herself she understands the importance of a thorough assessment and a solution.


I knew that I had found my dream path and suddenly everything made sense...


She regularly treats ante-natal and post-natal women, pelvic floor presentations such as perineal tears, c- section and scar recovery, as well as back and pelvic pain during or after pregnancy. She also treats and is passionate to support women with endometriosis.

Marta is also trained in treating more specialist presentations such as vulvodynia, vaginismus and sexual discomfort which she treats through talking therapies, manual therapy, breath work, visualisation, activation and release techniques as well as stretch and movement therapy.

Marta profoundly understands her patients’ emotions. She uses her musculoskeletal background alongside her pelvic health skills to assess the body both externally and internally. She analyses and then explains each woman’s recovery journey. It is her compassion and support, as much as her treatment, that her patients appreciate.


Put your pelvic health first

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