Kind words.

Over the years as a pelvic health physiotherapist, it is a true joy to treat and see such wonderful and strong women recover and enjoy their life.


Simply life-changing

I am a keen exercise enthusiast and I wanted to get back to exercise after having a baby.  To be given a bespoke program from Marta to get back to exercise and lifting it simply life-changing.  I am back to everything and feel stronger than before my pregnancy.  It makes a huge different to go to someone like Marta that is so passionate but also so knowledgeable in her field of pelvic health.



I can't thank you enough!

Marta has been helping me for many years and I can’t recommend her more highly. Her knowledge, professionalism and quality of care are unequalled.



This could be you…



I quite simply could not have got through my post natal journey without Marta. I initially went for a 6 week check after having a disappointing experience with my nhs GP. I then continued seeing Marta for pelvic health work and Pilates and can’t believe how far I’ve come physically in the past few months thanks to her. She has supported me physically and emotionally every step of the way and I’m so incredibly grateful to have her in my life!



As a second time mum of babies 22 months apart I decided this time round to invest in my wellbeing. Not only to build up my strength and reduce pain for myself, but also to better enable me to look after two busy babies. I saw Marta for a post-birth assessment and loved her so much I signed up for her post-nanatal pilates classes. These session have been instrumental in my recovery and they are a major highlight of my week. Marta is an amazingly talented and knowledgeable physio. She is also incredibly genuine, caring and fun. I cannot recommend her more highly. Do yourself a favour and book!



Marta is a magician for postnatal care and any other ailments. After birth, I waited the appropriate amount of time to work out and yet still ended up uncomfortable and injured. Turns out there was so much that is not discussed in repairing not just your abdomen but your whole body after pregnancy.



I have been seeing specialist pelvic health physiotherapist Marta over the last year and her expertise, advice and guidance have been above and beyond amazing. I am so happy with the progress I have made under her care and look forward to taking more steps forward in this healing journey. Thank you so much Marta!

The only treatment you need as a postnatal mother, from your pelvic floor to emotional support and treating my c-section scar. Marta simply is incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you Marta for giving me back my freedom.


I feel myself again.

After having 2 c- sections I needed an MOT for my body postnatally. Marta has provided me with so much support and advice. I finally feel myself again. I wish I was told to see pelvic health physiotherapy a lot sooner.


I can't thank Marta enough.

After having had 2 children within a short time frame my body felt like it was broken. I was leaking when I laughed or picked up my newborn, the muscles in my core felt weak and I had no strength. I wanted to return to exercise for my physical and mental well-being, but I did not know where to start. After seeing Marta, she prescribed an exercise program for me to focus on my fitness goals. She spent time discussing lifting techniques over the weeks and I quite simply can’t thank Marta enough. I feel better than I did post babies and I am also leak-free.


Marta has changed my life.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in my early twenties. Life was miserable and I did not know how I could cope with the pain that I was experiencing on a daily basis. I could not have a normal relationship or enjoy uni. After seeing Marta for the first time, she gave me a thorough understanding of pelvic health and endometriosis and how it can affect the pelvic floor. I am now able to manage my pain flairs and have managed to have intercourse pain-free for three years now. Marta has quite simply changed my life.


A huge improvement.

I went to see Marta as I have a condition called vaginismus. I was diagnosed a few years ago but I was not given any care or advice. My main problem was not being able to use tampons or have penetration. Marta put me at ease from the very start. I have noticed a huge improvement over the last couple of sessions. Thank you for changing women’s lives.


I feel in control.

I was presenting with pain and dryness during intercourse, and I did not know that it was related to menopause. Marta’s professionalism, assessment and knowledge put me at great ease. After a couple of manual therapy sessions, my symptoms eased. I now feel in control of my menopause and I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life. I cannot recommend Marta enough for a menopause check.


Forever grateful.

I struggled with provoked vulvodynia for five years before being referred to Marta. During that time, I bounced around a ridiculous number of healthcare professionals, including GPs, gynaecologists, pain specialists, therapists, and physiotherapists. All of whom pretty much took the same approach. They’d explain that there is no “cure” for vulvodynia, give me a laundry list of things I could try, and send me on my way. But Marta was different. She was the first healthcare professional who didn’t just pass the buck but actually became genuinely invested. She also went above and beyond what any other healthcare professional had done in the past and took on the role of case manager when she really didn’t have to. In this role, she helped me begin to tackle this daunting diagnosis on multiple fronts. In our weekly sessions, Marta would provide not just physical support but also emotional/psychological/social support (or whatever you want to call the ability to have me laughing while in pain). Beyond that, she would use her expertise in this field to recommend various products, therapies, and specialists for me to try outside of our work together. Mercifully, this holistic approach worked! I can’t believe I get to say (/write) this, but I am fully recovered and owe that all to Marta. I could easily have spent five more years shuffling between healthcare professionals with no end in sight had she not done what she did for me. I am forever grateful for her help and could not recommend her enough.